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Let's improve ourselves and our planet together

1 Membership = 1 Tree planted

We don´t just want to improve your lives. We want to also improve the planet we live on.

Each year, millions of hectares of trees are either burned down or simply cut down for profit-making. This is partially a result of the human need for resources and partially caused by fires and disasters caused by global warming.

But trees aren‘t just beautiful plants which provide shade when you need it most. The world‘s forests aren‘t just beautiful parks. Forests, rainforests and every single tree represent our planet‘s lung.

This is why here at Fitlope we commit ourselves to not only helping your quality of life improve but indirectly giving back and improving also our planet's health by planting a tree for each of our valued members.

For this mission we have initiated a cooperation with the non-profit of Tree-Nation. They‘re based out of beautiful Brussels in Belgium, Europe and cooperate with several reforesting projects all over the world.

1 Member = 1 TREE

Join us in our mission to reach over 1 million trees planted alongside our members!

For each new member, we'll plant a tree

Once your free trial converts into a membership plan, you‘ll receive an email from Tree-Nation. This email will inform you of what kind of tree will be planted in honor of your membership, and exactly where it will be planted. In subsequent months you‘ll then proceed to receive updates on how your new baby tree is growing and directly helping the environment recover.

This little tree you help to plant with your membership will continue to grow and provide valuable oxygen to every little animal, human and creation around itself. Hopefully even long after you reach your weight loss goals and don‘t require our service anymore!

Our goal is simple:

We want you to have a positive effect on the planet, even if it‘s just by planting a tree along with your membership plan, all while reaching your weight loss goals and improving yours and your family‘s quality of life.