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Day 5: Breakfast Should Be Your Priority

Philippe H.

Essentially, breakfast is a very important meal to start the day. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are 12.3% healthier for the whole day. This is because the body has experienced a kind of fast through the night, and breakfast comes with a burst of energy to fill that gap. You should know that the body undergoes some breaking down of food processes while we are asleep. For one, the liver breaks down glycogen, necessary to balance the sugar level in the blood; and you know, the brain also requires an adequate supply of glucose to function properly.

If the body is to have its much needed supply of nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamins, fibre and folate, then it is better to make breakfast a priority. Hence, it has been dubbed “the most important food of the day”.

According to a recent nutrition survey of Australian children and adolescents, the following people were revealed to skip breakfast more:

  • People who experienced little sleep;
  • People who had poor diet;
  • Underweight or overweight people.
Research has also shown the high possibility for people who take breakfast to be less obese, since it regulates appetite, therefore forestalling incessant hunger pangs. This way, a person may also reduce the risks of frequent illness.

How to change your bad breakfast habit

As mentioned earlier, the need for breakfast is important for the growth of the body metabolism. If you are battling with some habits that keep you from taking your breakfast, these few tips will set you on the right path.

  • Hide your vices.
  • Reorganize your food plan and stick to them.
  • Changing your plate size can also help you break some habits.
This and many other tips can help you break some bad eating habits like poor meal planning, eating on the run and too many processed foods.

If you are caught between making a decision for your breakfast meal plan, the next paragraph will give you a brief recommendation.

Meal samples for Breakfast

To incorporate a healthy lifestyle starts with the right meals for breakfast. These dishes have been found to be great

  • Wholegrain cereal and nuts with milk
  • Fresh fruits or smoothies made from fresh fruits
  • Muffins with natural yoghurts, salmon, spinach, and lots more.
The Trick to Getting This Done

For people who do not have enough time to prepare a breakfast, you may need to:
  • opt for quick breakfast fixes like sandwiches, fruits and smoothies,
  • Wake up earlier,
  • Prepare for the following day from the night before.
This is basically a few insight into the abundant benefits that breakfasts offer, and it would really take a consistent trial for you to find out.

FitLope meal plans take breakfasts seriously

Every one of our meal plans comes with an daily (easy to prepare) nutritious breakfast. Go try it out!