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Day 2: How To Snack The Right Way

Philippe H.

Ever had the urge to fill your mouth with something in-between meals? This feeling is quite mutual, and sometimes, we have to resist the urge to take that extra scoop of ice cream or that bar of chocolate. But do you know that snacking comes with its own benefits? Let’s check some of its health benefits.

  • Brain boosters
Somewhere in between work, we all need breaks at one point or the other. Besides, there’s that feeling of being slow-paced. This is where snacking can be of help by keeping you refreshed after long hours of work.

  • Helps to reduce overeating
Snacks may be the right choice for people who are looking to stem their large food consumption habits. Hence, they have the capacity to make you feel full, thereby locking hunger away for a while.

  • Energy Pump
Snacks can help you feel active again, thanks to the amount of sugar content in them. Snacking has been revealed to constitute 27% of calorie intake for children. The benefit of snacks are also equally obvious in adults.

The result is evident in the amount of energy it gives for a substantial amount of time before proper meals are consumed.

On the flip side however, snacks provide higher sugar or salt intake, which can be really detrimental. In essence, it is important to pick snacks with proper dietary content in order to reduce the risk of obesity, speedy weight gain, cardiovascular diseases. According to The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, there are some socio-ecological and environmental factors that have caused a spike in snacking. These may include low access to fruits and vegetables, social gatherings like birthdays and weddings, or https://cdn.fitlope.com/diet-nutrition/meal-planning/healthy-snacking-benefits.aspx">Another study has revealed more snacking and higher intake of soft drinks in boys and young people with insufficient education, emotional eaters and so on.

How to Break out of the Bad Habit

Getting out of the tangled web of inappropriate snacking takes some mindfulness. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Plan nutritional snacks in your daily meal plan, such as carrots and whole grain crackers.
  • get into the habit of checking the dietary content of snacks before picking them.
  • avoid mindless eating.
  • stock your office drawer with healthy snacks.
  • create a list of snacks to eat and stick to them.
Getting our bodies and mind to say resist the urge for a tasty bite of burger, chocolate and ice cream can be quite a task, but with very rewarding benefits. At the end of the day, you will be thankful for a proper and healthy body.

How FitLope helps you snack right

Each FitLope plan comes automatically with at least two different snacks which you're allowed to add to your diet, every day. They're tasty and all take less than 10 minutes to prepare. Don't miss out on them!